The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, gardening, spending time with my family.  Even the simplest food—prepared with care, and good ingredients—is a gift. 


For me, cooking is a way of showing love. Cooking allows me to make connections between people, places, and seasons: I bring memories of my father in Friuli, who brought home wild pheasant and boar from the mountains, and crates of fresh eels and sardines from sea, to my family here in Boulder; the salami we eat at our summer picnic reminds me of the winter day my family spent making sausage; the polenta grown and ground by a local farm tastes so much like the polenta I grew up eating in my grandmother’s kitchen.


The ingredients I look for are always as seasonal as possible, from my friends’ farms and gardens, and from the farmers’ market. My favorites are the ones that remind me of home: radicchio, cardoons, acacia blossoms, artichokes.


I will bring to your table what I cook for my family: simple, good food using local, fresh ingredients.